transcending human Experience

Guided by ankhcestral* wisdom, living in de rainforest of Guyana provides an untapped atmosphere that activates our spirit. Without de* influence of technology & western society, Culcha Foundation provokes us to get in tune with neter (nature) to fully explore ourselves. 


A space that encapsulate, preserve & celebrate our Culcha. We pay homage to neter with a minimized carbon footprint  

by harnessing de power of RA* (SUN), Wata* + Wind to sustain de needs of our Shrine. Through our  innovative Culcha Residency, our Tribe of volunteers are hands on with workshops, projects & exhibitions that culminate in new ways of experiencing CULCHA.  



As we SANKOFA* to our Ankhcestral*  origins, we unlock de* possibility of wholistic healing through traditional wellness practices. Umana Yefo is where de natural elements and rituals of our ankhcestors allows us to heal in harmony with everything.

consecrate your life



Inspired by Afro-Guyanese heritage with a I-TAL flava*, we use traditional techniques fused with local ingredients to enrich our Eat Well program as well as elevate our native dishes




Fashion for Empowerment

RAshaping* our relationship with Fashion, WRAPCENTURY is Empowering a generation with timeless garments inspired by nature and de richness of Guyanese CULCHA. 


Spiritual Nutrition

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