With a unique sound an a smooth melodic voice to serenade an audience near or far, especially the ladies, Chris Övë (Ove) is a breath of fresh air hailing from Guyana. His journey as an singer/entertainer/performer started at the early age of 5, getting acquainted with his vocal range while attending church with his grandmother. Rightfully so, she wanted his musical gift to veer in the realms of gospel music as opposed to later R&B. Ove also recalls being inspired by the likes of the late superstar Michael Jackson an creating his own rendition of what he saw. This was merely foreshadowing of his future to later in his teenage years venture into joining a Hip-Hop dance group, New Boyz, while attending Richmond Hill HS in Queens, NY. Before migrating to the U.S, in 2010 Chris represented Corriverton Primary School in the Children Mashramani Calypso Competition, placing 2nd. This was the beginning to his life in the spotlight. Though challenges arise in his early days of migrating to NYC, leading to his affiliation with a gang, music was the ultimate MVP + savior for Chris. Having his passion be his therapy, value was ens-tiled and a tunnel vision focus provided 4 singles in 2017, "I Just Wanna Know", "Downtown Interlude", "Stay" + "Nonchalant Thoughts".Ove's work ethics + his smooth sound landed him the opportunity to return home to perform at his first festival held at the University of Guyana on August 24th of 2018, the Music Art Culture Fest. After performing his latest hit "Another Lover", a well pleased audience approved of his Afro-Fusion/Dancehall/R&B vibe with a standing ovation. It's his quality as an artist + production that inked the deal for him as the newest signee to finesse his way to an international distribution deal with Mor Global™. Through this partnership, Chris released his debut EP, Less Pleasure More Pain, on October 22nd. As he continues to pioneer his own sound with his A1 production team, Tailor Music, + global distribution, its just a matter of time before the #KingOve movement go global.
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