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Your spirit



Birthed from the need of physical therapy, D A W A™ challenges a new standard of quality in spirits. After living through a car accident and going years without treatment, a Guyanese father introduced his son to the tradition of Guyanese winemaking to alleviate chronic back pain. In 2015 during a trip home, through his father he met an elder who is an herbalist + Master Distiller of wine who instantly became his inspiration. An eternal flame ignited when he met a young Guyanese girl who was on a similar quest and shared the desire for self-healing. For years they traveled between the United States and Guyana until they decided to remigrate. Set out on a new journey and excited to explore the power of Guyana's plethora of herbs, together they experimented with tonics, tinctures and this traditional yet unique wine. Astonished by it's benefits and potential, 

D A W A™ was established to honor the  spiritual process of healing through the art of winemaking.t


From toxicity to therapy,

D A W A™ is a premium plant-based elixir that activates your spirit. D A W A™, which translates to "Elixir" in Swahili, gains its name from its rich character and host of benefits. Its sweet and 'rounded' in nature with a light golden body, a refreshing rainforest flavor with a smooth finish. Comparable to none, our ingredients;

Cockshun, Granny Backbone, Locust Bark, Monkey Ladder

and Sarsaparilla are hand-selected at harvest, then naturally fermented for 8 months by our master distiller. Unlike other wines that are made of fruits, D A W A™ is handcrafted from tree barks that are natural aphrodisiacs, raise libido, strengthens the spinal cord and are indigenous to the "World's Medicine Cabinet", the Amazon Rainforest region in Guyana. The art of winemaking fused with our Guyanese tradition, allows D A W A™ to achieve astonishing heights, resonating & connecting with socially-conscious consumers.

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Our distribution started with private dinners, wine tastings and events which built our reputation and our waiting list for the 2022 launch. We intend to expand D A W A™ nationally all the while nourishing our growing regional strongholds in NYC, DMV, ATL and MIA. To grow retail sales, ambassadors and partnerships, our objective is to utilize digital marketing through online channels, including our website and other online retailers. In honor of nature, we distill annually to allow the trees to replenish. Given the limited production, we believe our exclusivity yet targeted ads on social media will attract consumers exponentially. Our goal is to supply the demand of 10,000 bottles for 2022. To scale up production we need to secure a new facility, bigger equipment, mor* staff, new bottle & packaging, branding and marketing totaling at $100,000 minimum.

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Profits are pledged to CULCHA Foundation for day-to-day operation, quarterly projects, workmanship & our annual grant giving.

Sales at a Glance
Retail Sales
Digital Campaigns
Resorts & Wellness Expo
***These are projected goals, actual results may differ and are not absolute
Angel Investors


Exclusive access to any new

D A W A™ member products***


Tonic-making Virtual class with Master Distillers  + Exclusive access to any new products***


 An elegant gold wine set including gold cork opener, custom wine glass, and gold shot measurer + Virtual Tonic-making class with Master Distillers + Access to new products and Invites to Complimentary Wine Tasting***


15% Lifetime discount** on

D A W A™ + Access to new products and Complimentary Wine Tastings****** + Elegant Gold Wine set + Tnoic-making Virtual class with Founder(s) and Master Distillers

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