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CULCHA Foundation is a skill-based volunteer, non-profit organization. Inspired by our heritage and core values, Culcha is on a journey  to transcend human experience through de development, preservation & restoration of ankhcestral* knowledge and spiritual practices. These practices provided us with a blueprint that enriched how we govern ourselves, de cultural perspective of our projects; allowing us to innovate while learning from our foreparents. We believe RAconnecting* with neter + both indigenous and contemporary individuals through de tradition of music, art, design, fashion, health and symbolism can further influence cultural leadership, empowerment + impact.  CULCHA Foundation serves as an essential resource that honours & explore our origins in all its depth and dimensions. 


***As Afro-Guyanese it is common in Guyanese Creole to repeat adjectives, adverbs and replace "-er" and its corresponding sound with "-a" for emphasis.



Body Awakening, Beauty, Healing, Rituals, Wellness


A gentle, safe & very powerful practice that RAcovers* de teachings of our ankhcestors* via ancient rituals. YogaSthenics®  encompasses : mindful movement realigning de skeletal system, breathwork that supports emotional healing + overall well-being, plant-based alchemy creating de highest quality treatments and sound healing that RAgenerate* de cells and activate de DNA processes.

that celebrates HUMAN connection

focusing on de care of children, animals and de preservation and RAcovery* of our  CULCHA.

Mor* than just a play on words, ESIN which translate to "inspiration", is a womb wellness project curated by Nise-Akosua OduYefo. Through personal growth & evolution, she became a student of self with 1 objective, to heal thyself. Though it hasn't been a cake walk, de highs and discomforts has served as a guide for all wombmen* to stay on this path and live life as an inspiration.


a Media Production project telling stories of de* PAST, documenting de PRESENT while CURATING de FUTURE


Enthusiastic to educate, collaborate and create skill training workshops, WrapCentury™ turns the time with Fashion for Empowerment.

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