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Mor Global™ is a multi-disciplinary project that encompasses a record label, production, management, distribution and publishing. It operates as a service & incubator for content curators and skilled-based volunteers alike. On a quarterly base, talent from it's 4 houses ; Mor Art™, Mor MGMT™, Mor Sound™ and Mor Vision™ are distributed/published globally. Each house is isolated to its respective field, allowing activities to be tailored to a person’s talents, time requirements + other considerations.

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Activities Include:

  • Photo & Videography

Creating new content for art & fashion gala, books, website, press coverage, events, social media, broadcast & YouTube

  • Sound Engineer

Producing in-studio recordings, live interviews, annual festival, radio & podcast

  • Marketing & Promotion

Cultivating raw expression to convey our messages

  • MGMT/Distribution & Publishing

Providing creatives with resources to be masters of their craft & career through grassroots partnerships