Fashion for Empowerment

Crown ThySelf 


Enthusiastic to educate, collaborate and create skill training workshops, WrapCentury™ turns the time with Fashion for Empowerment. Henceforth, this project is a collaboration between Culcha Foundation™, traditional artisans and selected culturally innovative designers: to promote the indigenous origins of fashion & design, social empowerment and economic independence. 

Sourced from eco-conscious materials & fabrics, each adornment is skillfully handcrafted, highlighting the rich Culcha* they were birthed in and further showcasing the uniqueness of indigenous woven textiles. These creations are then shared with the world as a piece of Gold from Guyana, where they transcend as symbols of embellishment and embodies the mission, Crown Thyself!


With a combination of Stone Healing Meditation & a Smai Tawi Flow, C.S.T provides a tailored experience to get you in tuned with your inner Goddess.

***Book 1 Session & receive a complimentary "Intro Session"!

This 2 Hour session entails :

-Free Consultation
-Herbal Guide for proper nutrition & purifying
-Womb Care Tips
-Knowledge of Smai Tawi (Kemetic Yoga) & how to utilize Crystals for private practice
-Philosophy of Alignment
-Breathing Techniques
-Postures of the Gods & Goddess




Alkaline-I-Tal Chef

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I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.


I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

RAlease* de tales of de city to RAconnect* with neter (nature) to fully explore & RAjuvenate our spiritcreate community has on the environment and our ability

Mor* than just a play on words, ESIN is the brain child + lifestyle brand created by me,  Nise-Akosua OduYefo.  As an extension of its parent company, ESIN, which means "inspiration", is focused on my journey to wholistic [womb] wellness. Through my evolution I've became a student of self with 1 objective, to heal thyself. After 2+ decades of trauma, low self worth, self abuse, lying, cheating, stealing and unrighteous behavior patterns ; I've decided that for me to receive better I've got to level UP. Being transparent about my current state was the beginning of ESIN. Seeking wisdom from my elders lead me to build a community (Guyana, NYC, ATL + MIA) of like spirited sistars* whom can identify with being at similar stages and requires a safe space to connect + project. Utilizing acquired trades & tools as my rights of passage as an OduYefo provided a symbol of assurance and self-compass whenever the journey may appear to be heading off track. My daily sheti* (spiritual practice) consisting of YogaSthenics®,