Your Crown is Already Paid For!

When speaking matter into form it’s key to know that yah are deserving of what yah desire. To manifest yah reality it starts from a simple desire.
To Desire is to be in tune wit de cosmos. It is a spiritual process from inception. De word itself has a Latin origin (de sidere) translation "await what the stars will bring," or "from the stars".
As de full moon energy is in full effect, our Afrikan Traditions from many regions use cosmic rituals leading up & after de full moon. It's a magical time to set yah intentions, be mindful of wah yah holding in yah heart.
Yah desire will always seek to be mor as it is a reaction to yah social conditions. Bring awareness to yah desire an yah can manifest without lifting a finger
Yah CROWN is ALREADY PAID for, now ask yah self “Am EY ready for all de layers?”
De Law of Attraction is in full effect!

***As Afro-Guyanese it is common in Guyanese Creole to repeat adjectives, adverbs and replace "-er" and its corresponding sound with "-a" for emphasis.

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