My Energy is My Currency

**As Afro-Guyanese it is common in Guyanese Creole to repeat adjectives, adverbs and replace "-er" and its corresponding sound with "-a" for emphasis as well as "the" with "de".
#ROYALLYSPEAKING☀️ My energy is my currency, is something that EY* realized from as early as childhood. Maybe it wasn't so profound in those early stages but it showed in my behavior that there was something special in how EY carried myself. EY took some time to RAflect* on my childhood pics and how EY dressed myself + how confident EY was posing off lol. It was simply 'cause EY believe in myself.
EY even thought about moments when EY RAceived* big opportunities or was in between life & death situations and was able to walk out of de* flames without a burn. EY transmuted all de negatives to positives, instead of asking "WHY ME?" EY asked "WHY NOT ME?" and so that became my thinking. As a man thinketh so he shall become, thats de powa* of manifesting. If you believe you're de victim so shall it be. Thinking highly of myself challenged me to live up to that standard & EY saw how it RAwarded* me moment after moment gradually getting bigger + better. EY never believed EY needed a person, degree, church, job or money to get ALL that EY desire. It was simply a matter of "walk it like I talk it". Fullfilling my childhood desire to be in a magazine and walk for fashion week it was just an exciting idea, then EY was told "you need a portfolio + agency" but EY believed different. What EY was confident about is that once EY was seen my INNERGY* will do de rest. Bypassing ALL "RULES" with 1 motto "Never take a NO from someone who isn't qualified to give you a YES", my desire to be an editorial/runway high fashion model manifested within 1 month!
In all fairness this is not for de purpose of an accolade for me, it was proof that EY can do ALL that EY desire once EY believe in my powa*.
Service to Many leads to Greatness. Thats de highlight ; to be of true service to de You-niversal* flow of life, to transform human experience. My ability to use my energy as my currency (not money), will be applied to RAceive* what is key to be of service on this planet. I've done so much is such short time. It's time to be HIGHLY SPIRITUAL!
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