**As Afro-Guyanese it is common in Guyanese Creole to repeat adjectives, adverbs and replace "-er" and its corresponding sound with "-a" for emphasis as well as "the" with "de".
#ROYALLYSPEAKING ☀️ Life as we come to know it is developed based on de* collective input of our loved ones, environment & our experiences. What we then do is RAflect* de best of those experiences or de ones that resonate de most and fuse that into our character traits. Consciously or not, our spiritual journey is indicative of these compacted moments & genetic inheritance. Though we may feel unique and in love with our current state (as we should), de challenges we face lies in de origin of our upbringing. Mummy may have given you beauty and patience and Daddy gave you strength and wisdom but de journey is only lived and carried out by you. This is where your self development comes in. Taking all you have been granted and creating de absolute best formula that will get you over de mountain. However it may look in order for you to shine, de formula has to be mixed, curated and perfected by YOU. Similar to de AfRAkan proverb Sankofa - "Reach back and get it", your family genes, ankhcestars*, community experiences, friends & loved ones are simply a point of reference to mold & aid you in creating de ideal formula. Now once you have come into your desired self, this isn't to say you must be like this forever (unless desired). Life is based on evolution and when you've evolved in your desired manner then its time to activate it. No matter where you are, who you're around and de opportunities that will present itself, de formula should never be compromised. You've gotten yourself to de mountain top, that includes all de people, circumstances & opportunities that will arise. It's all your manifestations so no need to bend or fold, stay firm and strong. This level of unapologetic state of reasoning will only heighten your spirituality creating an unbreakable, unbothered, unconquerable YOU. You will begin to notice how de fruits of life are so rewarding and also it will automatically remove unwanted energies from your cypher, whether in a peaceful way or rigorous, it's all part of de process. NEVER beat yourself UP, feel bad or change who you've worked so diligently to become. Everyone in life lives according to a formula, whether they've engineered it or adopted one. Engineering yours simply puts you in de masta* seat. You will experience many layers in life and with your own formula you will be equipped for it ALL.
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