**As Afro-Guyanese it is common in Guyanese Creole to repeat adjectives, adverbs and replace "-er" and its corresponding sound with "-a" for emphasis as well as "the" with "de".
#ROYALLYSPEAKING ☀️ True MASTERY starts with SELF. There's so many tings* in life we strive to be, whether to earn a living or to fit into society and in de* midst of it all self is neglected. When self mastery isn't your mission in life there will always be a need to validate a position, title or experience just to prove to others that you are that title, that you belong or simply good enough to be considered. If your number one job, goal, title or position in life is self mastery then no one or any institution can validate/verify you because only you would have that blueprint.
So how does one achieve self mastery you may ask? First start with being unapologetically self absorbed.
EY can recall as early as my childhood being called “selfish” by de closest people to me, de ones that were in a position to guide, empower & encourage my self awareness. Instead, on countless occasions EY was shunned for being “self centered” & “self-full” as a means to shut me down without any consideration of how fragile that could of made me as a child/teenager. Here's what wasn't taken into account, according to my chart EY came into being during de hottest time of de year, August, which makes my element Fire and my cosmic planet de SUN. Now with some mor* insight we know that de SUN has a gravitational pull and it is in fact "self-centered". No other planet has a commanding energy as de SUN, that's why de earth revolve around de SUN and without it, life is nonexistent.
In similarity, no other element on earth has a magnetic force like Fire. As a Fire/SUN being, it is absolutely indicative of why at such a tender age EY exemplify a level of awareness and self-fullness contrary to other family members. However, what they did for me was magnificent! EY wasn’t a victim and never will be, this made me self medicate even mor* to de point that my confidence became my armor. What EY have grown to realize was that all de while they were lacking self awareness, self acceptance, self-fullness and above all SELF LOVE, all of which EY naturally was gifted with.
In RAlation* to Kemetic TantRA, we learn that "from all comes the all, everything comes from self (God) and is composed of self (God), so too all is divine, exists in the divine & is rooted in the divine". This is a symbolism of de creation of self or creating de reality for self to live out. Not to be confused with religious preference, all is self - meaning we are a walking mirror. All reality starts with a thought. what we think/choose to dwell on mentally will RAflect* or manifest in real time whether conscious of it or not. If you allow de projections of tings or others to consume your mental space so will your projections RAflect.
Self Mastery will manifest ALL opportunities & realities you desire.
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