Cht n Ankh (Tree of Life)

***As Afro-Guyanese it is common in Guyanese Creole to repeat adjectives, adverbs and replace "-er" and its corresponding sound with "-a" for emphasis as well as "the" with "de". #BEWELL ☥🔥𓋴 As a symbol of Self, Creation and a source of enlightenment, de* Tree of Life RAflects* de connection & balance of de known & unknown, de physical with de spiritual. In Shetaut Neter (Kemet spiritual teachings), de* tree is RApresented* as a Goddess of Divine Wisdom who lives in de tree and extends its bounty to de spiritual aspirant. This symbolizes that in order to become one with de YOU-niverse, your mind (intellect) must merge with Nature.
Aligning your SEFECH BA RA (7 souls or RA) allows you to climb de spiritual ladder if you may, shifting one's perception of worldly occurrences and seeing them as expressions from One source instead of separate, self opposing realities.
Arriving at this realization, is de experience of nehast, spiritual awakening. When this occurs it is said that heaven has been discovered on earth. Similar to a tree with fallen leaves, this is your RAbirth* or de beginning of a new life. Achieving this state of awareness means that you've successfully completed your journey in life.
Thus, de tree of life motif is fundamental in Kemet as it later became iconic in other culcha*. It shows de oneness within de cycle of life and that Spirit and de physical world are not separate entities. Creation is rooted in de Spirit, and so too is every being.This wisdom teaching is derived from Djehuti and is evident in de epitet “As Above, So Below".
In RAlation* to your spiritual nature, de Tree of Life is a ladder to heighten your consciousness.Just as a tree rises up from de soil it shows de connection of Geb & Nut - Earth to Sky. From seed to tree, raising its trunk from de earth, spreading its branches to de sky. Similar to your ability to climb a tree to de top, you can climb de Tree of Life. Based on de Anunian Theurgy, de Tree of Life is RApresented* by an arrangement of Neteru (deities), who are connected. As you would a ladder, you extend from one to de others in order to encompass them all from earth to sky. Reaching de top of de Tree symbolizes Cosmic Consciousness, which is also RApresented* as de Star on top of de Xmas Tree. This connection completes de process, allowing de principles to be learned in a wholistic form.

DUA (Praises) 🤲🏿 to SEBA Muata Ashby for his extensive knowledge, excerpts from his book "Cht n Ankh" and his overall input developing, preserving & RAstoring* Shetaut Neter (spiritual teachings) of Kemet.

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