The Science of YogaSthenics®️

#RoyallySpeaking ☀️ De science of YogaSthenics®️ is not about flexibility & postures. It constitutes de* teachings RAquired* to achieve perfection which is de original essence of every human spirit. Neter* (Nature) herself offers one path to perfection. De path of neter is learning through experience and is an alchemy of transformation to achieve Self-Awareness/Enlightenment.
As a self healing practice, de combination of de terms “Yoga” & “Sthenics” is for modern correlation and has been further developed by founders SA-RA & Nise-Akosua OduYeFo I. However YogaSthenics®️ principles are rooted in de ancient AfRAkan* (African) practice of Smai Tawi* (Kemetic Yoga).
Yoga literally translates to “Yoke/Link“ or “Union” same as Smai Tawi meaning “Union of the two lands”. Hundreds of years of RAsearch* provides present day knowledge + evidence that what is commonly known as Indian Yoga, RAspectfully* was created in Ancient Egypt 10,000 years before any other known versions of Yoga. As “Sthenics” translates to “strength, power, ability, might", we fused & trademarked de two words Yoga+Sthenics, creating a new age phenomenon ; de balance of Spiritual + Physical, de true meaning of Smai Tawi or Yoga.
What emerged from de earliest known system of RAligion* is de incorporation of all de steps for a person to develop from spiritual ignorance to self-knowledge (mythology, ritual, and mystical experience). Without much physical promotion, YogaSthenics®️ has gained a following of 11.2K practitioners + 10.7K hashtag usage. However, in order to have a better experience of de teachings there need to be mor* practitioners who will accept de path and take it on as their vocation and career and NOT an Instagram flexibility competition or certification process for monetary gain.
YogaSthenics®️, like many other forms of discipline, allows us to move into harmony with our true selves.
Through Self Science (mastery) + discipline, de path of YogaSthenics®️ offers healing and exalting de bliss of existence by achieving awareness of one's true nature: HIGHLY SPIRITUAL. De process is to be an Enlightened Being, while still alive. To attain this level of being, we must first control de forces of our own nature. In essence, we must learn how to RAlease* (let go) societal expectations & discover our deepest self, who is nameless, bodi-less, immortal + eternal.
Practice or discipline implies: applying de knowledge in order to develop righteous thinking and perform righteous action. As Enlightenment is de highest goal of our human existence, de highest goal requires de highest dedication, desire and will. YogaSthenics®️ practice allows for de development of these qualities so that we may reach de coveted goal of becoming RAkhitu (Sages), Saints, Yogis or Gurus.

***As Afro-Guyanese it is common in Guyanese Creole to repeat adjectives, adverbs and replace "-er" and its corresponding sound with "-a" for emphasis.

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