De* powa to heal is not exclusive to no one, in fact thats de 1 gift all humans are guaranteed from inception. Healing thyself starts with de breath, and being able to control de breath gives us de ability to purify de mind, body & spirit in order to create our reality. This process is a potion both spiritual and physical and is de only way for true salvation. Growing UP as a youth in Guyana, my Grand Grand  was de healer  who had supa powa in my world. She was a nurse by profession but at home she was my spiritual guide, grandmudda*, nourisher, de ansa* to every question, cut, bruise & beyond.  Her instinctive remedies, from what medicine to use and when to use it is indicative of a traditional healer. In retrospect, living in an environment such as Guyana most people can attest to experiencing some sort of traditional healing by an elder or family member. Thankhful, we would gather large quantity of herbs from de Amazon Rainforest or growing nearby in de yard or road side. It's no secret that OduYeFo  (Medicine Maker /Root worker) was someting*  inevitable to our CULCHA*

whether conscious of it or not. OduYeFo translate to "one

of de group of people (Fo) who makes (Ye) medicine

(Oduru) from Ndua (plants). Connecting with plants, de

spiritual aspect of medicine making  struck such fear in de 

religious institutions and so relying upon spiritual medicine 

as a chemical and biological warfare component to protect

& heal ourselves was neutralized and corrupted into

witchcraft. Years ago while beginning my plant-based

journey, as if it was encoded in me EY started to experiment

with herbs on a nutritional as well as spiritual level. EY

observed de true potential of huru or herbal concoctions and

started supplementing to enhance my own temple. It wasn’t

until my peers began to ask about my strength & tranquility

and my regiments that EY started to distribute herbs from

Guyana across de Atlantic. My Grand Grand, who actively owns a pharmacy at home, noticed de direction EY was going in and provided me with some much needed herbal gems. Soon after, EY met wit my aunt whom noticed my new yet familiar path and reminded me that EY am on de journey of a healer and EY should stay focus & go deeper. This was de beginning of my rights of passage as an OduYeFo. It’s no coincident that de knowledge given to me was home base all along just waiting for me to rise de interest within. With de wisdom of a once condemned tradition, we now have de key to unlock, channel and reawaken de OduYeFo in us all: our powa to heal ourselves beyond mental, physical or spiritual blockages.

Founder of YogaSthenic®

"EY* started practicing Yoga 7+ years ago after obtaining certification in "How To Reduce Stress in The Work Environment", a course paid for by an employer. Integral + Kripalu Yoga was what we practiced during de 2+ months course as de basis for completion + certification. After soaking it all up, there was still a void. All de postures + breathing techniques didn't quite fulfill me but Ey figured time will allow re-adjustment. One day Ey went to regularly visit my Aunty & it was in her library Ey was introduced to Smai Tawi (Kemetic Yoga). This was de moment EY learned of de FIRST Yoga system predating ALL Indian Yoga and was created + practiced by Ancient Egyptians or Kemites. De writing was literally on de walls of ancient Egypt and can still be seen present day. EY began to train my physique with my mentor to balance my breath & strength during advance time under tension calisthenics bar workouts. After 30 days my path in life was clear. Fusing Smai Tawi movements & postures with calisthenic bar moves aided in easing muscle ache and renewed tissue faster. Seven + years later & EY couldn't be mor proud to have developed of a new age, self healing, global spiritual movement practiced by 11.2K followers in de Americas, Caribbean, AfRAka + India and its growing daily." 




SA-RA : #ROYALLYSPEAKING - "For me talkin de talk isn't enough EY gotta dress de part as well. quiet often ppl associate bein spiritual wit bein out of touch wit de modern world an not havin a sense of style. how EY was able to find de balance was to simply keep everyting tru to my taste & also tru to my heritage to create de perfect blend. Being introduced to de fashion industry as a model in 2011 landed me my first centerfold gig in January 2012 & EY never looked back. In 2017 in collaboration w/ Guyana's premier management agency ; Traits ManagementEY became de first model in Guyana to grace de runway in a turban, , not for style or fashion it was me unapologetically honouring my cultural identity on de highest of stages to create de change. Utilizing "Fashion for Empowerment" this level of notoriety created an intentional impact inspiring mor* cultural inclusion in high fashion. Off de runway im going deeper than de threads, commencing a quarterly Fashion for Empowerment project, WrapCentury, all de while learning about natural fabrics, patterns, symbolism  + designing garments best for my skin & aiding in hightenin my aura. Fashion is one of de most popular & innovative art form of modern era. We may not all subscribe to a religion but clothing is our commonality and that for me is a tool to connect, break down barriers & shift de CULCHA."






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