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Eat Well...

"Eat Well" was developed as a program to connect de science of spiritual + physical nutrition to transform our temple from acidic to Alkaline to a Neutral state. Our cuisine serves as a catalyst for that mission.


YogaSthenics® is a self-healing, practice centered around the Balance of the Known & Unknown™ (physical & spiritual) via fusing the ancient African practice of Smai Tawi (Kemetic Yoga) & Calisthenics. With a wholistic approach, YogaSthenics® has evolved into a multi-layered practice with programs emphasizing on the harmony of spiritual & physical nutrition. These programs are an extensive exploration of Smai Tawi and revive various dimensions of this ancient science that are largely absent in commercial Yoga today. YogaSthenics® is taught in a customized form via Self-Science, a formula* designed to focus on 2 paths : Eat Well & Be Well  to develop mental clarity, focus, boost vigor & vitality, balance spiritual & body chemistry and take years off the body. We've further established a certified Student Teacher Program for seeking practitioners. Obtaining such mastery provides the added benefit(s) to teach or open a YogaSthenics® Dojo at any location of your choosing. Whether on or off the mat, our goal is to create a wholistic balance.

What is YogaSthenics®?

Waterfall in nature


self-awarness and move into harmony with your conscious 


Breath control and balance of Spiritual + Physical chemistry

Develop mental clarity, patience and concentration

Optimize on Nutrition Retention for better oxygen flow and advanced wellbeing of Emi Ori Ara (Spirit, Mind & Body)

Be Well...




Channeling de Science of YogaSthenics®, "Be Well" focuses on stillness in motion with shared wisdom of teachings, writings  + de application of our spiritual principles.

Be Well...